Update: Day #09

A big, big move. Today was a lot of heavy coding. The result is worth it, absolutely. Added a couple of really good features to Hashboard – all from the perspective of a user – only things I would want too.

Three major things were added:

  1. Pretty URL’s
  2. Letter of Recommendations
  3. Tutorial Guide

All 3 hold immense value – and points #1 and #3 should have been done before itself. But I feel everything placed out pretty well. All in its own time.

Hashboard seems to be a better product now. I added a customer support chat bubble also, if anyone requires (I hope I can remain online as much when the time comes).


  • What I learnt today?
    Getting the tutorial screen up and running. Have added something like this on Android before – and honestly there are lots of ready libraries for Android. I had to do this all by myself – it was fun too.
  • Favorite part?
    Like I said above – the tutorial screen. And yes, pretty URL’s definitely. Such a nice thing to do.

See you tomorrow.

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