Update: Day #08


I skipped a day. Not because I didn’t do any work – it’s because I worked pretty much over time those two days. I made lots of things, got lots of people to try lots of things, understood how far I was from completion, and then made even more things.

So I was pretty much done with everything I initially set off to do.  But after receiving feedback from few people I trust, it seems I could still add some more – and so I did. New feature: Letter of Recommendations.

I think its pretty cool and could really help someone out. All of us know how valuable it is. And I’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible, hopefully the people that use it (I hope they do) agree with me.

It was a bit difficult getting all the changes and updates done. I had to sign up with another service for sending emails as GoDaddy has really bad policies when it comes to them. All that’s left before the BETA is out are tutorials for new users when they login the first time.


  • What I learnt today?
    There isn’t any end to development. Something can always be improved or added. I thought I was ready with the BETA yesterday, but turns out I was far from it. I avoided a mistake.
  • Favorite part?
    Making the LOR’s viewable by all.


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