Product Hunt Launch: A Thriller Ride

After weeks of contemplating the progress of Hashboard and whether it was ready enough to share with the world, I mustered up enough courage to prepare for the Product Hunt launch.

Below, I’m going to share my experience for what can be considered a fairly ‘good’ run.

It started by reading and re-reading posts about how to plan a perfect product hunt launch, because obviously, it matters. It’s one try at instant popularity and success, and the first shot has to be the best. Few important points from there:

  • Best days to hunt: Between Tuesday & Thursday
  • Best time to hunt: As soon as it’s midnight PST, so your product gets 24 hours.
  • How to hunt: If you can get someone popular among the community it makes a difference. If you can get a PH employee, its direct home page for you.

So I followed all of that, except I couldn’t get an employee to post. @riaface was kind enough to hunt Hashboard for me, however it wasn’t that straightforward. We decided on a time that would suit us both, however when the time came and she was about to post, she found that someone had hunted Hashboard already, almost 10 days ago!! I had to speak to the team and thankfully they allowed a repost after removing that one.

Then started the most exciting 24 hours of my life! At the time of posting this, Hashboard has 167 upvotes!

This might not be a great number, but it was more than enough to get me happy! First super huge product to get such traction afterall 🙂
We finished in the top 10! And that matters to me too. However a bit disappointing that Hashboard didn’t get a shoutout from the Twitter team behind Product Hunt even though products with lesser upvotes did. Next time though 😉

I’m in the middle of analyzing the data from the PH launch, the number of visitors were HUGE! I promise to post some facts & figures in a post once I’m done.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me with upvotes and even without them. My friends, the awesome slack communities, and the super cool Product Hunt team and community!




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