How To: Guide for amazing Recommendation Letters

The fifth major feature to be added to Hashboard brings the power of sharing Recommendation letters in the best way possible! It’s a powerful tool and has many benefits if used properly. This is a detailed guide explaining how to make the most use of it.

What is an LOR?

A document from a past organization you worked used in recommending you to a new organization. It generally contains some information on the work you’ve done and highlights your strengths in that field. It has an extremely high value in your resume.

Using the tool at Hashboard, you can store your letters online, and easily share it with the public with the custom url that anybody can view. Sample


The fields required for adding an LOR to Hashboard:

Organization name: Will inform the reader about which organization you worked for to earn the LOR.

Job description: The LOR generally contains the point of view of your employer. Use this field to express your experience as well.

Start/End Date: Gives the reader an idea of how long you worked at the organization.

LOR: It must be a PDF file. Its the standard file type nowadays and the best to share documents.

Viewing an added LOR:

Once an LOR is added you can view it at{your_name}/{id}
The link is generated automatically and can be accessed through the ‘view’ button in the ‘Recommendations’ module. You can share the URL with anybody!

The platform also counts the number of views your LOR has gathered since its creation.


The process is fairly simple. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to comment below or contact us.


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