Going Public is Hard

Some would argue that building your product is hard – many people have a dream or an idea or a really good concept but don’t have the resources or capabilities to get it built themselves. I’m fortunate enough to do that part. But the rest of it – it’s really tough. The launch is harder than the build.

I have a product thats ready – in its late beta stages: Hashboard. What I don’t have:

  • A good launch plan.
  • Confidence to launch.
  • Good enough marketing skills.
  • Funds to drive ads or blog posts.
  • Experience of a large scale launch.

And all the four above are pretty important.  Being the only ‘team member’ as of now, it’s a lot of pressure to do everything. The development was a breeze compared to that. That’s the irony I guess. As they always say – any kind of startup isn’t easy. This is also proof that all the departments are equally important and neither is more valuable than the other.

If you have any tips or tricks do let me know in the comments below. You could also tweet to me and we could discuss/

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